Fagor Failing..Mondragon makes adjustments



MCC considers ‘objective’ save thousand jobs in Fagor



Fagor workers will manifest this afternoon in Mondragón.

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Mondragon Corporation will try to keep at least 1,000 jobs viable from existing activities by Fagor . This is a "priority" for MCC.

This is reflected in a memo, which has had access EITB, sent by the president of the Mondragon Corporation, Txema Guisasola, and Eroski, Agustin Markaide, to the heads of cooperatives that make MCC.

The Corporation ensures that "reinforce the existing organizational tools" directing the maintenance of employment for its members. To do this, create a Corporate Employment Office.

Thus, MCC is committed to maintaining employment and to fund those activities presented in the next Congress for an investment of 50 million euros .

"As evidenced in the last Congress, the Mondragon cooperatives have used the most of all available capacities themselves, and also the instruments of the Corporation to support Fagor. In an unprecedented decision, it was agreed by unanimity and extraordinary additional support through the creation of a special fund fed by contributions of all cooperatives "insisted MCC.

As I said on Wednesday, the General Council considers that the Fagor strategic project "not viable" and that the resources required "not serve to secure its future."

So, starting Monday contracted workers will pass Fagor unemployed while cooperativisitas partners, most of the template, you have to accommodate several possibilities.

"It’s a sad"

The cooperative critics have complained in a note that the decision to MCC "means to stop the expulsion of all partners and members of the cooperative for an initial period of four months."

"It’s a sad day," they said. "It is clear that the drift of this company aims to tactical errors but also strategic in about the last decade or more," have been added.

Fagor workers are called on Friday at a rally at noon in Mondragón (Gipuzkoa).

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