CA Worker Cooperative Statute HELP

Hi Cooperators!

Want to see more cooperatives in Southern California? Help us pass a special purpose Worker Cooperative Corporation statute that would lower the barriers to entry for cooperative business creation in California!

Please contact Zak Meyers-Krings in Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal’s office (70th District) at <a href="mailto:Zak.Meyer-Krings and tell them that we need more cooperative businesses in the Southland!

Please send a short note with information on

  • what you’re doing around cooperatives and
  • that you would like to see more policies that incentivize worker cooperatives and make the process of starting one easier.

Feel free to express support for the Worker Cooperative statute being proposed by the Sustainable Economies Law Center. Please send Zak Meyer-Krings a letter saying that cooperatives do exist in the LA/Long Beach area and that you want to see public policy that supports worker coops.

Some of you might know that the organization I work at, the Sustainable Economies Law Center, is trying to get a bill into the California legislature that would create a special legal entity for worker cooperatives. It would be a special purpose Limited Liability Company (LLC), giving worker cooperatives much more flexibility and autonomy in forming their businesses while maintaining the cooperative principles we value and advocate for in our communities.

If you’d like to read the bill itself and more about it’s background, please visit There, you will find info on

  • the Public Feedback Forums we’ve held,
  • a Worker Cooperative Policy Background Summary,
  • an earlier Draft Worker Cooperative Provisions for the statute,
  • Legal Analysis of Worker Cooperatives,
  • and more resources.

We’ve just held another Worker Coop Statute Coalition meeting where we’ve made some changes to the provisions based on feedback we’ve receive from the community. If you’d like that draft, we’ll have it ready in the next week.

For instance, this statute would allow for multi-stakeholder worker cooperatives, but would require that the actual workers of the business always be the majority shareholders of the company. So, for example, this would allow a food coop to have a membership class for the consumers of the coop, but the consumer member class would never have more power or authority than the workers themselves in how the business is operated.

This is still a work in progress, but to have it introduced into the California legislature, we need a legislative author. THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN. We’ve contacted Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal (70th District, representing parts of Avalon, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Signal Hill and San Pedro) and her staff has expressed interest in "authoring" the LLC Worker Cooperative statute. We need folks who want to see more worker cooperatives from in or near her district to contact her office (via email or phone) to express interest in seeing more cooperative development

Please contact Zak Meyers-Krigs in Bonnie Lowenthal’s office at Zak.Meyer-Krings and let Bonnie Lownethal’s office know that we need more cooperative businesses!

Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

In Solidarity and Cooperation,

From: Ricardo Nuñez <ricardo>
Date: Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 5:46 PM

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