Rebels Go Green 2014

Hiedi of LVWORCS

Hiedi of LVWORCS

LVWORCS is pleased to have participated for the second time in Take Back the Tap’s annual environmentally-themed festival, Rebels Go Green, last Wednesday. We enjoyed the opportunity to promote our organization and to talk to UNLV students about our group’s mission, worker cooperatives, and about our latest activities. Three of our members represented us at this event, and we joined other participants in enjoying the music, singing, and chanting of the artists and performers hosted at the event. We had previously made an appearance at Rebels Go Green 2013, and plan on continuing to attend in the future.

Jonas of LVWORCS

Jonas of LVWORCS

Our participation in Rebels Go Green began early on Wednesday morning, when our members decorated the table with a festive, seasonal display, including organic apples and bananas which were distributed freely to passersby. Our presentation included statements about our group’s purpose written on repurposed cardboard tabs, along with a handmade display with our name and slogan (“Think Outside the Boss”) made entirely of found and reused materials. We distributed handouts advertising our group’s weekly meetings and the upcoming Superadobe Building Workshops that we are promoting. Additionally, LVWORCS members talked to both interested students as well as members of other organizations until early afternoon, when we departed, glad to have returned this year to participate. We are grateful to Take Back the Tap for hosting the event, and we look forward to a more frequent presence at UNLV!

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