Western Workers Conference


Western Worker Co-op Conference

September 20-23, 2015

Berkeley, CA

Dear Dr Lisabeth,

Do you have expertise, knowledge or experience to share at the Western Worker Co-op Conference in September? The WWCC organizing board would love to hear about it!

We are seeking workshops that explore everything from the nuts and bolts of starting and managing a worker cooperative business, to the bigger picture of how cooperatives fit into our economy and the world at large, and everything in between.

Besides the accolades you will receive from sharing with your worker co-op compatriots, you will also benefit from the following Speaker Discounts:

2 or more solo presentations: Full comp

Participation on panel: $50 off registration (per panel)

Solo Presentation: half off registration

About the Conference: The Western Worker Cooperative Conference is designed to foster communication among worker co-ops and to support and promote the co-op movement. Workshop themes range from basic topics related to starting and operating a worker co-op to improving communication and operations of the worker cooperative. Seminars exploring the worker cooperative model in the larger social context are also offered. The conference emphasizes sharing skills and knowledge among members of worker cooperatives.
How to Submit a Presenter Proposal: On a document (that will be attached to an email) please present a title and brief description of your workshop. Besides the description, also include: 1) Your name and contact information ( including email, post address and telephone number); 2) The co-op or organization you are affiliated with (if applicable); 3) A brief bio sharing your expertise in worker co-ops/the topic of the workshop; and 4) Respond to this question: have you presented this workshop or one like it in the past? If so, where and when?

Email the proposal as an email attachment to: westernworkerscoopconference
DEADLINE: February 17th, 2015

Western Worker Co-op Conference

979 F Street Suite A-1
Davis, California 95616

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