WORCS – Business Services Worker Cooperative / Co-op Developer

MOHAVE ROOTS Farmers’ Market: Farmers’ Market on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus; occurring monthly. Started September 10, 2015.

SNAC FOOD HUB  (Southern Nevada Agricultural Cooperative) Agricultural cooperative and sustainable food distribution delivering healthy food to Las Vegas from within 200 mile radius

MONDRAGON BAKERY: Bakery with gluten-free baked goods options

OPEN ARMS DOMES marketing workshops on sustainable building

TOASTED SQUASH undergraduate UNLV on-campus cooperative food concession and training program

COLLECTIVE MOVING – Moving Company for undergraduate student employment

VEGAS VILLAGE: Marketing Workshops/classes about healthy sustainable living


GO MOJO Condom distribution to reduce AIDS and overpopulation

CERBAT Soil Remediation project of Mohave Power Station

LOCANOMY – Buy local campaign, with network of locally owned businesses

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