TOMORROW – Grand Opening of Mohave Roots Farmers’ Market at UNLV

The Mohave Roots Farmers’ Market at UNLV is happening for the first time tomorrow! Selling produce grown entirely in the Las Vegas area, we will be in the Student Union Courtyard (near the bookstore in back of the SU building) from 1:00 to 6:00 PM.

In addition to local farmers, we will be having local artists, live music, and dancing! Please come on down, this is our big day! Mohave Roots Farmers’ Market will be held at UNLV each month, and we hope to include more local producers and artists as we grow with time. We have been planning this for almost a year and would appreciate your support and presence. Thank

LVWORCS Launches the Mohave Roots Farmer’s Market – September 10, 2015
UNLV Campus (4505 S. Maryland Pkwy)
Student Union Courtyard
1:00-6:00 pm

Opening on the UNLV campus, the Mohave Roots Farmer’s Market is a new and fresh take on the concept of a farmer’s market.

Based on the old model of farmers bringing their produce together, Mohave Roots Farmer’s Market is focused on offering a central outlet for local producers, large and small, in the Las Vegas Valley. While other farmer’s markets have only a bit of produce sold alongside dairy and craft goods sourced from California, Utah, and elsewhere, Mohave Roots is being built on a unique model using exclusively local produce grown in Las Vegas and its immediate vicinity, to compete with the scant variety of local produce goods at the supermarkets that dot the Paradise area. All produce sold at the Mohave Roots Farmers’ Market will be grown within a 100-mile radius of Las Vegas.

While nearly all the markets around the UNLV campus are too far away for a non-car owning student, Mohave Roots is located right in the UNLV Student Union Courtyard, allowing access to produce within walking distance of the student dorms and homes in the surrounding Paradise neighborhood. In contrast to grocery stores, which are owned by large corporations which profit from the need for food and contribute to climate change by supporting the transport of produce over long distances, Mohave Roots is organized by a grassroots group of local students and community residents, and your money will be going to the hard-working local farmers of Southern Nevada.

Mohave Roots Farmers Market is the brainchild of Las Vegas Worker Ownership Resources and Cooperative Services (LVWORCS), a UNLV student organization and a worker-owner cooperative group, promoting an alternative management structure for local and small businesses. Mohave Roots will operate as a worker-owned cooperative, with management elected from the whole of the workers participating, and only employed when deemed necessary. All proceeds left after paying expenses are distributed equitably after workers vote to determine how it will be used; either by reinvesting further into the Farmer’s Market, as a dividend returned to the workers, or however else they agree to do so.

Mohave Roots Farmer’s Market will open on Sept. 10th from 1 P.M. to 6 P.M., and will be located in the UNLV student union courtyard. If you are interested in supporting Mohave Roots, feel free to donate at If you are or know anyone who is a producer, even a home gardener with an excess harvest, that is interested in market space, contact us on our Indiegogo page or at

For more information:


Operation – Jeff (702 -372-5971), Farmers Market Coordinator – Hiedi (702-354-0570)

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